Modular Built 3 & 4 Season Additions in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Millennium Windows and Sunrooms LLC creates gorgeous modular sunrooms in the Southeastern Wisconsin area. Call 262-364-7655 to learn more!

Although modular sunrooms are pre-built in a factory before being shipped to your home, they can still be custom designed according to your exact desires. There are a wide variety of modular sunroom options and design capabilities available to match the design of your existing home.

Modular sunrooms are built according to strict quality control standards. They combine the best practices of engineering and factory production to create a room that is unique in its architectural style and size. Although modular sunrooms are prefabricated, they are completely customizable when it comes to layout, square footage, finishes, amenities and style.

Make your home more comfortable and enjoyable while enhancing its value with a modular sunroom from Millennium Windows and Sunrooms. They are often the fastest, more affordable, and more energy-efficient option without sacrificing quality.

When we work to complete your modular built 3 or 4 season addition, we’ll make sure to keep all of these factors in mind:


Site Survey

We’ll conduct a full site survey of your home’s exterior as well as the surrounding issues, to uncover any potential problems and avoid unpleasant surprises.


We can custom design and build you a beautiful modular built 3 or 4 season addition out of any type of wood you would like, as well as using some of the finest materials on the market today to ensure lasting beauty while almost eliminating any yearly maintenance.


Millennium Windows and Sunrooms takes the time to create a custom design for each 3 or 4 season addition we build. We’ll make sure your new addition fits in perfectly with your home’s exterior and yard decor. We will create a 3D rendering provided with our free estimates. With no shortage of options, we guarantee you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Building Codes

We’re very familiar with Southeastern Wisconsin’s county building codes, we will take care of applying for building and zoning permits, attend hearings & board meetings for association approval and work with inspectors on any changes needed.

Years of stress-free enjoyment

We want to make this a long-term relationship. Count on us for quality materials and expert craftsmanship. We would love to assist you in future building projects. Call 262-364-7655 to make your home improvement dreams a reality!

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