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Is it time to update or replace your home’s windows and doors? Millennium Windows and Sunrooms LLC installs replacement windows and doors of all sizes and styles. From vinyl picture windows and bay windows to exterior entry doors and interior sliding doors, we do it all.

Are your windows letting in drafts? Drafty windows can cause high energy bills and a cold house. Replacing your windows will save money by reducing energy consumption and enhance the beauty of your home. Another obvious sign that you may need replacement windows includes damage to the window frame or the surrounding wall. This is either caused by age, or wear-and-tear over time. Glass panes on double-paned windows can fog up after a seal leak. If that’s ever happened to you, you know what a pain it is when window fog blocks your view and makes it impossible to clean or remove!

How will I know what kind of windows I need?

Simple – take the guesswork out and leave that to us! We’ll come over and do a thorough inspection to recommend the type of window that we believe will work best for your home, and the environment you’re in. Millennium Windows and Sunrooms offer many affordable options so that you can either replace all, or just a few of your windows. And as always, we guarantee that our installation experts will get the job done the right way, the first time. For your convenience, our quality crew will be scheduled to work with your availability.

Why should you replace your old windows?

Improve your home’s appearance

Save money on heating and cooling costs by improving efficiency

Prevent too much moisture from getting in

Factory Direct Authorized Dealer

4 Track Window Systems

Factory Direct Authorized Dealer

How much light and fresh air circulate through your sunroom is determined by the type of windows you choose. There are a lot of factors to consider. Do you want as much light as possible, but don’t want to pay extravagant prices? Perhaps you want fresh air circulation but want to use your room more frequently throughout the year? 4 Track Window Systems allow for the ultimate flexibility with safe, durable and stylish options available.

Different days require different airflow. With 4 Track Window Systems, you can adjust the window panes to go all the way up or down to maximize airflow or somewhere in between to reach optimal comfort. Your room with 4 Track Window Systems can adjust to your needs and comfort.

Choose from a variety of frame colors as well as optional FlexiGlaze Memory film for added protection and color tinting options.

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