Room Additions in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Millennium Windows and Sunrooms offers many options for personalized, custom room additions in Southeastern Wisconsin. Call 262-364-7655 today!

Are you looking for some extra space in your home? Whether you want to expand on an existing room, or add a new room entirely, Millennium Windows and Sunrooms can help! We’ve been building beautifully constructed room additions to houses in the Southeastern Wisconsin area for almost 20 years. When you add more space to your home, the possibilities are endless. You can make room for new family members or get that home office you’ve been dreaming of, all while increasing the market value of your home!

Here’s what Millennium Windows and Sunrooms’ professional designers, installers and skilled tradesmen can do:

Upgrade HVAC systems as part of your custom room addition

Upgrade rooms to include luxury features to your kitchen, or add a hot tub spa in your bathroom

Increase the capacity of your plumbing and electrical systems

Soundproof rooms – particularly bedrooms and baths

Turn areas like basements and attics into livable spaces, in order to utilize all the space in your home. Whether you want a spare bedroom or a new entertainment space, we’ve got you covered!

Extend your house by adding rooms to the side, or even extra levels to your original roof in some cases

As you can see, there’s no shortage of options for custom room additions by Millennium Windows and Sunrooms. Call 262-364-7655 today and tell us your dream plan! We’ll make it happen.

Call 262-364-7655 today to get started on completing your dream home!

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