LifeRoom in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Add Liferoom to your home for the ultimate outdoor experience with retractable screens and temperature controls!

LifeRoom let’s you enjoy your backyard again for exercising, dining, entertaining and relaxing with family and friends… all at the touch of a button. LifeRoom’s unique Smooth Glide motorized screens can be raised or lowered for privacy or to keep those pesky mosquitoes away. It gives you the freedom to enjoy a romantic outdoor meal…
rain or shine.

Simply touch a button to instantly lower LifeRoom’s screens and even stormy weather can’t rain on your party. LifeRoom’s sophisticated LED lighting turns your backyard into your own private VIP room.

LifeRoom’s Cool Mist climate system and Soft Breeze technology can reduce the temperature up to 40 degrees. LifeRoom reduces UV rays up to an amazing 95%… so you can
safely enjoy being outdoors.

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LifeRoom… a world of features for total control of Mother Nature.


Smooth Glide Motorized Screens:

LifeRoom’s fully automated retractable screens are quiet and can be raised or lowered independently of each other to give you total control of the sun, wind
and mosquitoes.

Mood Lighting:

Soft, soothing, blue LED mood lighting illuminates each Smooth Glide retractable screen for a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

Soft Breeze Technology

Activate LifeRoom’s Soft Breeze technology and feel a gentle breeze surround you. Your LifeRoom will be a welcome oasis from the stifling heat and humidity.

Cool Mist Climate System

Reduces the room temperature up to 40 degrees even in the most humid conditions by dispersing ultra-fine mist droplets that disappear almost immediately by means of “flash evaporation.”

Glazed Skylights

LifeRoom’s glazed skylights let the light in and keep the harmful UV rays out. Brighten your day with warm, natural sunlight, and you’ll always feel at one with the great outdoors.

Pollen/Allergy Protection

LifeRoom’s Pollen Guard screens are specially designed to filter out pollen, dust and other airborne allergens, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without regrets.

Quick Release Screen

In the event of a power outage, LifeRoom’s quick release screen allows you to easily exit the room.

Concealed Gutter System

LifeRoom has concealed channels that easily handle rain run-off, so there’s never any annoying dripping, splashing or streams of water to disrupt your tranquility.

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